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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Changi Airport Terminal 1
“Solve problems first, talk money later”

Subeeri Bin Ali Adi has been working for over 15 years at the airport that has won numerous regional and worldwide "Best Airport" awards since 1987.

His engineering job may be invisible to most, but it will quickly be felt by everybody if something goes wrong. Subeeri is in charge of the air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system of Terminal 1 in hot and humid Singapore.

Here, Carrier has cooled the airport since it first opened in 1980. Moreover, the same Carrier chillers have been cooling the complex all this time.

With the extension added to T1 in 1999, Carrier supplied another six 750-tonnes chillers. In all, the whole of T1 is kept cool by four 1,500-tonnes and six 750-tonnes chillers. Carrier was also appointed by IEPL to carry out regular service and maintenance programmes.

Mr Subeeri appreciates having a reliable partner on call. Even with a staff of 26, the job of keeping the T1 smooth and cool is time-consuming. Every day he and his team conduct at least four physical checks and, given the size of the complex, each round takes up to 2 hours.

In addition to the reliability of the equipment, Mr Subeeri also complimented Carrier's technical backup and support.

Even before a service contract was awarded, Carrier offered maintenance advice and helped troubleshoot problems.

"Carrier's attitude was to solve problems first, talk money later," he said.

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