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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Edwin Hooy
“The one-compressor system saves $100 per month”

Young, hard-working executives have their dreams and ideals, but they still look at life in a very pragmatic way. Edwin Hooy, for example, looked at technology and energy-savings to decide on the choice of his air-conditioner.

On a friend's recommendation, Edwin discovered that with Carrier's advanced technology, his old air-con structure of two compressors servicing four rooms could be replaced by only one compressor from Carrier.

"It's a 24-hour job, and we have to keep on our toes to keep everything going,” says Mr Ow. “Product and services reliability is paramount. We can't wait for something to break down and then fix it."

"We've used Carrier for as long as I can remember. In fact, we still have a chiller that is over 30 years old, and it is still in good condition."

Almost all the cooling power at Times House is provided by Carrier. The chiller plant houses four 60-ton and two 100-ton chillers. In addition there are several packaged units, splits, and cassettes used as supplementary units and backup.

With a large number of computers in desktop publishing and pre-press work, it’s critical to keep the office and equipment rooms cool. In some rooms, temperature has to be maintained within a tightly controlled range of 20º-21ºC.

"When people get hot, they may put up with it; when electronic equipment does, it breaks down, and we cannot afford to let that happen," said Mr Ow.

Carrier has been cooling Times House for 30 years. Whether there is a problem or not, and in addition to regular maintenance checks, Mr Ow gets calls from his Carrier Supervisor every week to check on things.

"It's a relationship that works very well,” said Mr Ow. “The teamwork is good between the Carrier supervisor and his men, and also between my staff and them. You get a feeling it's more than only a job for them.”

On one occasion, a power surge caused an electrical short circuit, reducing capacity down to 40%. This happened at 9 PM, a critical time. Mr Ow says Carrier’s supervisor showed up promptly and helped diagnose and solve the problem even though it was his off-working hours.

"With Carrier's help, my job in keeping everyone cool is made easier, and I'm glad to say that the only thing hot around here is the news!"

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