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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Swanson Plastics
“Carrier cools both our factory and my home”

Swanson Plastics, located at Pandan Road in Singapore, produces a special grade of breathing polyethylene film used for disposable diapers and sanitary products.

"We're probably the only company in Singapore making it in such a large scale," says Mike Liew, purchasing officer of Swanson Plastics.

The company operates 24 hours a day, with a production staff of 70 working in three shifts. Polyethylene resin pellets are melted under extremely high temperatures and blended with special additives to enhance the qualities of the final product.

Because of the intense heat generated by the manufacturing process, the eight production machines are cooled by six Carrier chillers ranging from 1.5 - 2 refrigerant tonnes.

"With our manufacturing plant running around the clock, we cannot afford breakdowns," says Mr Liew. “The whole production process could be disrupted and serious damage done to the machines!"

Therefore, every piece of the equipment, particularly the chillers and cooling system, has to be kept in good running order at all times. With Carrier's service contract, the team comes every month to do a thorough check on the chillers, including chemical cleaning, checking for leaks and clearing of choked pipes.

With this regular maintenance, the company has not experienced any major problems. When occasional electricity surges have caused problems, the Carrier man, when called, arrives promptly to help set things right, even at night-time if needed.

Mr Liew is glad to have Carrier taking care of the maintenance, and he has not been disappointed with their performance. As a further sign of his trust, he has also equipped his home with equipment from Carrier.

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