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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Shaw Centre
“Regular maintenance prevents break-downs”

With its mix of restaurants, retail outlets and office tenants, the Shaw Centre has a constant stream of people walking through its doors throughout the day.

Despite the constant opening of the doors, Vincent Lau and his team of technicians ensure that the air-conditioning systems keep the building cool. With a total of 6 chillers, the air-conditioning plant can pump out about 2,200 tons of cooling power for the 26 floors of offices and 5 floors of shopping.

The air-conditioning system is computer controlled and monitored so that Mr Lau and his technicians can immediately know if something is not working as it should.

The equipment includes 4 Carrier chillers, and 2 of another make. Mr Lau said that the Carrier design makes servicing and repairs much quicker and easier. To maintain the equipment, he relies on the Carrier service team and the monthly preventive maintenance service visits.

"I only need to call my contact and he will show up to assess the situation and then assign and deploy his team where necessary. With the other company, I have to figure out what the problem is first, so they can send someone who can fix that particular problem."

"Carrier responds quickly when summoned,” Mr Lau said. “However, I am glad to say that we have not yet had to call them in an emergency. The regular checks have kept us going and going."

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