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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Punita Kamadar, Windy Heights
“Thanks to my service contract, we have never had problems”

Punita Kamdar's creative talent as an art dealer, specializing in Indian art, shows everywhere in her spacious and airy apartment at Windy Heights – from a beautiful, intricately carved swing in one corner (reminiscent of Indian palaces from days gone by), over an antique cupboard that serves as the liquor cabinet, to eye-catching paintings all over the apartment.

Being in a creative, competitive business, she settles for nothing but the best in every area of her life - especially in comfort for her family. She is proud to say that Carrier has been cooling her home for three years since they renovated it, with no problems at all.

When choosing Carrier, she and her husband were first enticed by an attractive promotion. Since then, she is perfectly happy with the cool, quiet efficiency of the Carrier air-conditioning, as well as the service provided.

The Kamdars believe in regularly servicing everything in the house - from professional cleaning of the curtains, to servicing of the refrigerator and major appliances - to ensure everything functions well.

"After all that money spent on these things, it doesn't make sense to let them run down with neglect,” Ms Kamdar said.

Thanks to the service contract with Carrier, systems are always running efficiently. Moreover, Ms Kamdar is particularly satisfied with the fact that the same Carrier team comes on each maintenance visit.

"They even know when to come, to avoid my son's afternoon nap. If they miss it and my son is sleeping, they happily arrange another time so my son can sleep undisturbed. I think the Carrier Man really cares."

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