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Customer Satisfaction Profile

Mr and Mrs Young
“Silent and energy-saving”

The finer things in life are nothing without the ability to appreciate them. And uninterrupted air-conditioned comfort ranks high as one of these things, as testified by Mr and Mrs Young Kuan Sing.

"I have a contract with Carrier to provide a 24-hour standby service," said Mrs Young, "and it is well-worth the money.”

“Their speed of response is impressive, and they're extremely polite, clean and thorough. It’s a pleasure dealing with Carrier," she said.

"The other thing I like about Carrier systems is that they combine the aesthetics of a central air-con with efficiency. Less energy is used, so we have lower electricity cost.”

Mr Young points out that the condensing unit is placed at the back of the house, which means there's only one servicing point.

Mr Young is particularly pleased with Carrier's excellent humidity control feature and that its quiet operation never competes with his highly esteemed sound system.

"Compared to other air-cons I've experienced over the years, I think this is the best and I recommend Carrier to friends and family,” said Mr Young.

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