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Residential Service

Carrier Service Guarantees for Maintenance Programme

Our commitment to you does not stop at the point of sales.
The Carrier Man backs every sold unit with a full range of after-sales service.

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"The Carrier Man Can" is the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Our service is personified by the cheerful, dependable, and around-the-clock accessible Carrier Man. He is the symbol of our successful presence in Singapore.

We have the largest team of technicians in Singapore, all of them ISO-9002-certified to service and repair all air-conditioners.

The best way to keep your air-conditioning equipment in tiptop working condition is to leave the maintenance to us. Service contracts allow us to ensure that you will enjoy uninterrupted cool comfort at all times.

Response Time
Carrier is committed to a 2-hour response time for any air-conditioning complaint.

We are decentralized via a network of "Neighbourhood Carrier Men" for speedy response to customers.
Parts Stock Support
Our Parts Department is constantly stocked with everything needed to install, service and repair all air-conditioners. Moreover, we are always connected with all other Carrier Corporation's companies worldwide to fulfill any emergency requirements.

We are on-line with all other Carrier Corporation's companies worldwide. This enable us to fulfill any emergency requirements.
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